Organic Farms® utilizes both ASCO and WSDA as certifying agents of it’s organic fertilizers. In addition, the raw ingredients are listed by OMRI as suitable for use organic agriculture.

Manufacturing Plant

Organic Farms® fertilizers are manufactured to exacting specifications and tolerances that are strictly monitored for use in organic crop production. The manufacturing plant has successfully undergone an “Independent Process and Food Safety Evaluation” by CMC Inc. from Walnut Creek California. This “Manufacturing Plant Validation” insures that all required methodologies are being adhered to, and that manufacturing protocol is documented.

Testing Procedures

Organic Farms® utilizes IEH-JL Analytical Services in Modesto California to test each and every batch of fertilizer produced. Microbiological analysis includes Salmonella, fecal Coliforms, E. coli 0157:H7 and EHEC. Testing is performed and results are verified prior to any fertilizers being shipped.

Raw Material Resources

Organic Farms® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foster Farms®. They use only poultry manure and feathermeal that are derived from their own operations. They can therefore make claims of consistency and quality of fertilizers that cannot be made by competitors who buy their components on the open market.