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Checklist for purchasing poultry-based Organic Fertilizers

  • Do the fertilizers carry an organic certification from a USDA approved agency (and CDFA for California growers required by 1-1-2012)?
  • Do all of the components in the fertilizer blends carry OMRI or WSDA organic certification (CCOF only accepts OMRI or WSDA)?
  • Have the manufacturing plant(s) and manufacturing process been validated through an independent and accredited third party evaluation? This is required by the LGMA. (Leafy Green Marketing Agreement).
  • Have all applicable manufacturing personnel been trained and certified by an approved agency in the proper completion of the 12 point sampling system?
  • Does the manufacturer provide a Certificate of Analysis with every load, including testing for Fecal Coliform, E. coli, EHEC and Salmonella (this may include testing for multiple lot numbers contained on a single truck)?
  • Is the manure processed, screened, composted and/or dehydrated prior to pelletizing?
  • Is the manure consistent in quality? Is it derived from the same producer with the same feed inputs, bedding materials and handling methodology?
  • Can the source(s) of the poultry manure provide in writing a verifiable poultry density of less than 12 birds per square meter?
  • Is the manure derived from a non-caged source(s)?
  • Can the manufacturer provide a daily trace by lot number showing the ingredients used and hourly manufacturing operating temperatures?
    Will the manufacturer provide written documentation that arsenic and hormones are not being fed to the poultry?
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