Organic Farms® has been producing poultry based fertilizers in various forms since 1970. With manufacturing facilities and raw material resources strategically located in Central California, Organic Farms® is a National supplier to the agriculture, turf, ornamental and landscape industries. Their new manufacturing and packaging facility was completed in August of 2007, and the next stage of evolution in providing quality pelletized and granular fertilizer products to industry leaders has begun.


Fertilizers by Organic Farms® are quite simply the best value in organic fertilizers on the market today. Quality, price, consistency and efficacy equal VALUE. Finally a true top quality product is available at an AFFORDABLE cost. Take advantage of this opportunity and purchase from the source of the raw materials.


Organic Farms® commitment is to provide top quality, safe, effective organic fertilizers using their own premium organic components, as well as additional industry leading ingredients. Their goal is to provide consistent, high quality fertilizers and back their products with unparalleled customer service.

Organic Farms® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foster Farms®.